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Come and join us for Mitarai Festival
          at Shimogamo Jinja!

It is a unique festival held at Shimogamo Jinja during Doyou (土用),
a full 18 days before the traditional beginning of autumn (Risshuu, 立秋),
from 20th of July to 7th of August of this year.
The official name of Shimogamo Jinjya is Kamomioya Jinja.
It is one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Japan
and is registered as a UNESCO's world heritage site.
Thousands of people flock to the pond in front of Mitarashi shrine
in Shimogamo Jinjya,
which is dedicated to the god protecting against plague and misfortune.
People believe that if they wash their feet in this pond on this day,
they will be blessed by god.
Why don't you come with us?

Date : 23th of July 2016
Transportation fee : 500 yen
Admission fee : 300 yen for a candle
Meeting place & time : JR Kyoto station at 4 pm
 in front of the clock ”toki no akari” on the 2nd floor
What to bring : a towel for washing our feet in the pond

We've been showing guests from overseas around Kyoto, Nara and Shiga as English-speaking volunteer guides since 2004.
It will give you a great opportunity to see Japanese historical and cultural places. We would be very happy to help your understanding of Japan and to enjoy the time here.

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We hope you will enjoy visiting Japan.
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Sakura Volunteer Guide Club からのお知らせ

Japan National Tourism Organization
List of volunteer guide groups in Japan

Sakura Free Tours changes the name into
" Sakura Volunteer Guide Club ".
(11th April 2010)

We thank you for the warm concern that you have expressed about the earthquake and tsunami disaster in north eastern Japan.
Many messages have been received by both our club and individual guides asking how we are and showing sympathy.
We truly appreciate your concern. Thank you. We hope to see you soon.

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