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Q1) How do I apply for a guide?
Simply answer the questions to let us know your requirements.
See Applying for a Guide page.

Q2 ) Is your guiding free of charge?
Yes, our group is run by volunteers and doesn't charge a guiding fee.

Q3 ) Do we need to pay the guide's expenses?
Yes, we ask you to cover our expenses while guiding. If you would like to know the cost in advance, we are always happy to let you know. The cost depends on where you go, so first of all we have to plan the day. Usually our expenses will be transportation costs (bus and or train) plus lunch if we eat together.
Also, we ask that you please pay 500 yen for your guide's traffic fee (to compensate for the travel to and from meeting you).

Q4 ) Which languages do you guide in?
We guide only in English, we are afraid that we won't be able to guide in any other language.

Q5 ) How long can you guide us?
Our guiding hours are from 9:00 to 17:00.

Q6 ) Where can we meet you?
We usually meet you at your accommodation in Kyoto or Kyoto Station.

Q7 ) Can you guide us a half day?
Yes, we can.

Q8 ) Where do you guide?
We guide Kyoto city and its surroundings as well as Uji, Nara, Shiga and other well known places in the area.

Q9 ) I haven't decided my tour dates. Can I apply a guide?
No, please contact us when you set the date.

Q10 ) Do you guide for commercial tours?
No, we only help private individuals or groups. We don't accept a request from travel agencies.

Q11 ) Do you deal with hotel and trasportation bookings?
No, we don't.

Gion Festival, Kyoto
Q12) If an apprentice guide joins us as an
   observer do we have to pay their expenses?

No, you don't. We sometimes ask guests wether an apprentice guide can come along as part of their trainning, you aren't expected to cover any of their expenses.

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